What our Customers say...


Best crew, wonderful help; very clean and courteous. 

The techs showed up very quickly and got to work right away. They were respectful of my time and my families concerns and explained the entire process.  I can't thank them enough!  

Awesome company and great people. 

Fast and friendly. These guys are pro's

Highly, highly recommend SERVPRO of Pottstown! 

Becky in the office has been very helpful!  All 10's! 

The were very friendly and professional. 

Jamie was extremely helpful in explaining the whole process and ensuring that my floor was completely dry and making sure everything was completed perfectly. Thank you so much for the great service. 

Josh and crew were truly great to work with! 

Josh, Jamie and Kevin were extremely professional and very helpful. Understanding that it was an emergency, the team was thorough and patient in answering all my questions and providing explanations. Top notch team with excellent customer service. Glad they were able to assist my wife and I with our basement. 

Guys did a good job! 

Response team was very informative, polite, courteous, and professional.

They were awesome! 

Josh and Kevin did a great job. I look forward to using SERVPRO to install my new floor.

My husband is a contractor and was impressed with the work.

Professional and courteous.

I would have given all "10s" but I never do that. My wife and I are extremely pleased with SERVPRO.

Would recommend to anyone needing these services. Very professional.

Extremely satisfied, very thorough and professional.

Their response time was fantastic and the restoration was perfect.

Very courteous men. They answered all of our questions and were very polite. 

Very fast, friendly and efficient! Will highly recommend

Great service, staff and prompt response time.

Promptness was outstanding. Everything was excellent. I give them perfect 10's.

Went over every detail as to what they did and why. Informed my family also.

Great service , polite and helpful from the first phone call

"We used the Pottstown location in the past and specifically asked for Pottstown this time, we are so happy both times"

Thanks so much........ You have a great group working with you. The guys that came to our house were very friendly and got the job done so quickly. And, were very sweet to our dog, which makes a great impression. We will definitely recommend SERVPRO to anyone we know.


Many thanks for your immediate service to our problem. Your service people are very helpful and courteous. It's been our pleasure having you serve us. Sincerely, Carol.

The team at SERVPRO Pottstown was simply the best.  We had an issue and were concerned about mold for our young son. These guys came in and put our minds at ease. We highly recommend them to all of our friends and family.

The guys did a great job! Overall, it has been a great experience.

Both the guys that did the work & your company were great.  It helped make a difficult situation much easier to deal with. Many thanks! 

SERVPRO went a long way in assisting us at a very unsettling time.

Josh and his team were efficient, professional, and informative. We appreciate this particularly at a time when we are very upset with the situation.

SERVPRO of Pottstown/Souderton was AWESOME.

"The work that was carried out at my place by SERVPRO of Pottstown/Souderton was of the highest standard. I would recommend them to everyone for their skills and efficiency."

The SERVPRO of Pottstown/Souderton team was absolutely wonderful!

Very Impressed. Would recommend SERVPRO of Pottstown/Souderton services.

SERVPRO of Pottstown/Souderton was quick to respond and were very courteous and professional.

SERVPRO of Pottstown/Souderton exceeded our expectations.

SERVPRO of Pottstown/Souderton was very helpful, resourceful, went above and beyond for us! We are very pleased and grateful for their help.

Excellent support from SERVPRO of Pottstown/Souderton throughout the whole process.

We were extremely pleased with the responsiveness and professionalism of SERVPRO of Pottstown/Souderton in resolving the water removal and all related issues.

Thank you so much in the restoration of our office. Working with SERVPRO of Pottstown/Souderton was a great experience. Your team was prompt, courteous, and flexible throughout the entire process. You worked diligently to get finished on schedule, and you kept every promise that you made. You never want to find yourself in the situation we were in, but working with SERVPRO made it a lot easier. I would gladly recommend you to my friends, family, and other clients.

I appreciate SERVPRO of Pottstown/Souderton's punctuality!

I would like to express my appreciation for the work completed by SERVPRO being a long distance Landlord. It was impossible for me to assess all of the work/renovations that needed to be done to bring this unit back to a habitable rental. From the beginning emails and phone calls helped me communicate and then went "above and beyond". Timing was of the essence which was met and exceeded my urgency, meeting the deadline. A nightmare which turned into a dream come true.

SERVPRO of Pottstown/Souderton provided us with Great Service, Staff, and Prompt Response Time.

Promptness was outstanding! Everything was excellent from SERVPRO of Pottstown/Souderton.

You have a great group working with you. The guys that came to our house were very friendly and got the job done so quickly. And were very sweet to our dog which makes a great impression!!!!! We will definitely recommend SERVPRO to anyone we know.

Great service, polite & helpful from the first phone call

Definately a big improvement over (competitor's NAME).

SERVPRO went over every detail as to what the job entailed and kept my family and I informed while I was out of town.

SERVPRO did an outstanding professional job of cleaning the mold in my basement.

SERVPRO's operation's manager was very understanding that I was paying for the work out of my pocket. SERVPRO's estimate was much cheaper than (competitor's name) and included so many more details and services. (Competitor's name) now look like a bunch of ametuers compared to SERVPRO.